Physical Therapy For Neck Pain

On this page, we will discuss how physiotherapy is beneficial in treating various types of neck problems.


Physical therapy can help you to recover from neck pain

Every day, people experience neck pain. It is one of the most common reasons for visiting a physiotherapist or doctor. Neck pain can happen for many reasons such as improper posture, poor sleeping positions, or injuries such as whiplash but it usually means that something is wrong with your spine and its support (the intervertebral discs). 

Sometimes, neck pain can lead to other health issues like a dull ache in the neck, headaches, and trouble sleeping. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please see your doctor or physiotherapist to help before it becomes worse!

Type Of Neck Pain and Injury We Treat

Degenerative Disk Issues

As you age, it is very important for your bones to remain strong and healthy. This means that the joints and discs in your body need to be well taken care of as well. If they aren’t, there might be a lot of issues such as loss of balance, falls and chronic pain which can affect other areas as well such as hips, knees and lower back. At PRM physiotherapy, our doctors can help you check if your neck is healthy or not.

Neck Strain and Injury

Often people experience neck pain due to an injury to their necks. It could be whiplash or even a strain within the muscles. Physiotherapy will help alleviate muscular imbalances that may exist.  We also provide strengthening exercises to help build support to stabilize your neck properly to help prevent future injuries.

Pinched Nerves in the Neck (Cervical Radiculopathy)

If you’re experiencing any issues such as numbness and weakness in your arms, legs, or hands, please consult your doctor as soon as possible. This is because it might mean that the nerves going through your neck are being compressed or squeezed which can cause problems with nerve functions.

Depending on the disk or disks that are most affected (C5-C8), there can be a range of symptoms including referring to pain in local areas, tingling, or loss of feeling in the hands, arms.  Loss of strength in the shoulders is another related symptom.

Neck Issues from Poor Posture

The main reason people experience neck pain is due to their poor posture (or the way they tend to hold their heads). You might often find them keeping their heads bent forward or in unnatural angles for extended periods of time. This can cause problems as the neck muscles have to work harder and longer over an extended period of time. Physiotherapy will help you maintain proper posture and also teach you how to correct your poor posture when needed.

This can help avoid chronic neck pain that plagues many people, from a constantly stiff neck to a more serious condition or neck injury, proper posture is important to prevent degenerative changes.

Cervical Disk Inflammation

The neck’s natural curvature can be affected by disk herniations or inflammation that can cause pain that may radiate into the back of your head and shoulders. In some cases, the pain is worse when you turn your head or are looking at a certain angle.   

Cervical Disk Injuries

In more serious cases of neck pain, it could be caused by a herniated or slipped disc between the vertebrae. This is usually due to major trauma and may cause severe pain that radiates into the shoulders, arm, or hands. Surgery is considered if there has been a moderate to a severe injury involving any of these structures.

As the disks in your neck become worn down, or damaged from a traumatic event, it can place more stress on your spinal nerves. Over time this can lead to things like pain that radiates down the arm, hand or into the shoulder, excessive pain and stiffness, and a loss of your mobility.

Think About Your Posture

Good posture can help maintain a correct spinal curve as well as prevent the degradation of spinal bones.  One of the most common causes of neck pain is related to poor posture over time, and the imbalance of the neck joints that develop because of it. The soft tissues of the neck are often overworked when you have poor posture which can lead to problems such as a dull ache at the base of the skull, to severe neck pain.

For example, forward head posture, which is a very common issue in today’s world due to phones and constant use of a computer screen, puts the muscles of the neck and upper back under a lot of constant stress. These muscles have to work overtime to keep the head balanced when it is forward (meaning ears .5-2 inches in front of the shoulders in a relaxed position). With forward head posture it is common for these muscles, in the upper back and back of the neck, to become overly tight and can limit the natural range of motion the spine needs to function properly in your daily activities.

With poor neck position, you can increase the chance of disc herniation in your daily life. If you are also an athlete or a weightlifter you can put yourself at higher risk of a herniated disc during your training.

How Physical Therapy Helps Neck Pain

When developing a treatment plan for neck pain, it’s important to consider your neck, especially it’s function and where it’s natural position should be. It’s not uncommon for posture related injuries to create big headaches down the road.


Your Spinal Cord
and Nerves are Very Important

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that run from the brain down the back. In the spine there is a natural amount of space within the spinal column that should exist for the spinal cord. From the spinal cord you have nerve roots and spinal nerves that branch out all over the body to give control and sensation to your entire body. When these nerves are under pressure, they don’t like it, and it can create pain which is often referred away from the neck and into other areas of your body, which can be very problematic.

If you are currently dealing with pain in the cervical spine or arms it’s very important to get a physical exam from a professional to see treatment options.   Symptoms such as pins and needles, numbness, tingling, burning, or weakness in the arms or hands are all signs that your nerves may be compromised.

Nerve compression can cause serious long-term problems if not treated properly.  It’s important to get a diagnosis from a medical professional to see what is causing your symptoms and to rule out any permanent nerve damage.

Are you experiencing pain in your neck?

In some cases nerve compression due to the muscles can be remedied with massage therapy, as it restores normal function of the musculature that surrounds areas that may be the cause of your neck pain.

Our Clients Success Stories​

For the past 3 months I’ve taken my 89 year old mother to visit Dr. Denise Miano for problems in her knee, back, neck, and wrist. Since I stayed and observed each visit, I can state that my mom is improving steadily in mobility, strength, and function. Thanks to Denise’s diligence, professional skills, and encouraging heart, my mom is hopeful and willing to try these new exercises. I am a strong believer in Denise’s methodology which is unlike others that I have seen during the past 10+ years of my mom’s pain and mobility management journey.
Wei-Chen Chen
I am an 80 year old man. I had a severe neck pain for a couple months. After visiting Chiropractor and Acupuncturist with no improvement, I was introduced to Dr. Denise Miano. My neck pain was reduced after the first visit and I was released from Physical Therapy after 11 visits. Denise is a knowledgeable therapist with great care and integrity. She is highly recommended.
Robert Chen
I went to Impact Care Therapy after some severe neck and upper back pains that seemed to appear suddenly and without injury. After getting some massages with no improvement, I decided to give physical therapy a shot. This was my first time to see a PT and Denise and Manny taught me so much! I alternated between seeing each of them, and it was a seamless transition between both therapists. Both were very helpful in helping me to figure out the root causes of my pain, and showed me a wide variety of exercises to help my muscles and joints loosen up, and to strengthen them. By the end of my 10 sessions, I was pain-free and had a tool box of activities I can keep up with to continue at home. I do still plan to go back regularly just to continue to learn more to challenge my body to become stronger!
Daysi Wang

Start Treating Your Neck Pain at Impact Care Therapy

It’s important to consider the neck and its anatomy when it comes to pain in the neck. The spine is composed of many small bones called vertebrae, which help protect our spinal cord as well as hold up our head. Injuries can happen to any part of this delicate structure from a car accident or sports injury that causes whiplash.

However, there are also other factors such as age-related conditions like arthritis, muscle tension due to stress at work or home life, posture problems from sitting too long with poor ergonomics, etc., that contribute heavily towards chronic neck muscle strain. 

If you think you have been suffering for months without relief and want some guidance to develop a physical therapy program to help you recover your health, and restore your quality of life, contact us!

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