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Self-diagnosis is a lonely, inaccurate pursuit, and will very likely lead to poor outcomes and a delayed healing process. 

Often times acute injuries can turn into chronic pain if mismanaged or left untreated.

We’re Impact Care Physical Therapy, a 5-star rated physical therapy clinic based in Missouri City, just outside of Houston, Texas. 

At Impact Care Therapy, and we believe in two pillars for treating people’s pain so you can get back to doing what you love – helping you move better so you can live better!

Rehabilitation – We want to help you recover from your pain and get you back to normal life, and all of the activities you enjoy! Education – We want you to understand what’s happening with any injury, so you can take care of yourself going forward.

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Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain

We treat all sorts of injuries and help people return to their normal lifestyles. Sometimes our patients have had their lives disrupted by an accident or an injury. Other times a nagging pain has developed into something more serious and patients are seeking relief.

Impact Care Physical Therapy is owned and operated by team members and expert clinicians Drs. Emanuel and Denise Miano. Impact Care Therapy is the clinic to visit if you’re looking for a physical therapist with nearly two decades of clinical experience, who is also certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties to treat neurological disorders, and we often find new clients through physician referral.

Physical therapy services conducted at Impact Care Therapy are wide-ranging and they focus on getting you to enjoy your lifestyle without pain, free of pain medication via a personalized treatment plan. Your plan of care would be tailor made for you so you can work through exercises with experienced therapists at our clinic and understand how to take care of your injuries while at home based on your individualized plan.

Give us a call if you have questions about physiotherapy for treatment of chronic pain in your:

Physical Therapy Clinic in Houston, Tx

Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain

We also offer treatment for impaired physical function and musculoskeletal injuries related to:

There is a treatment plan for many other issues, the above are just some common examples. Below we will investigate how physical therapy can impact more specific situations, particularly returning to work, dealing with sport-related injuries and how physical therapy treatment is appropriate for people of all ages. Through a physical therapy evaluation and specialty programs we can help you get started on your recovery process.

Rehabilitation to get you Back to Work

Have you recently suffered an injury or developed a chronic pain that is making your work day difficult or impossible? Not being able to work and make a living can hurt more than your wallet. Being able to work and provide for your family can tie into your feelings of self-worth and happiness.

Getting back to work should be a top priority. Getting seen by a physical therapist can take months of time off of your recovery, or could even stop pain from getting worse, or reoccurring sometime later in life.

If you make a living by sitting in a desk all day, you have a high probability of having low back, hip and neck pain.

Physiotherapy in Houston, Texas

It is not uncommon to have injuries that make simple tasks more difficult. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2019, there were roughly 2.8 million nonfatal workplace accidents and injuries in the U.S. private sector.

Out of that number, 84% were associated with musculoskeletal injuries, including overexertion and body reaction, slips trips and falls. These numbers are pretty high, and do not even consider injuries that occur outside of work! Lots of these injuries are preventable through patient education about health conditions that may be causing poor movement habits.

This does not just save the patient time and pain, but also can contribute to massive savings for businesses when it comes to insurance coverage. Taking claims data from insurance companies, the National Safety Council reported that workplace injuries cost companies $171 billion in 2019.

Whether you own a business or not, you could agree that amount could be going toward so many better things. Getting seen early with physical therapy care by a licensed therapist for issues with mobility could significantly impact this number. An integrated approach to solving many types of injuries, from knee pain to soft tissue injuries, will allow for maximum recovery and a return to everyday activities.

Sports Therapy for Athletes and Hobbyists

Did you play sports in high school? If you did, you might remember there being athletic trainers educated in exercise science to help athletes with sports injuries that came from various physical activity. Unfortunately, when we get older and out of school, we participate in sports at our own risk, as we lose direct access to trainers. Luckily physical therapists are here to provide the highest quality care for continuing or adult-onset athletes and weekend warriors.

Both chronic conditions and acute injuries are common in sport participation, and as we age that likelihood of injury increases. If you have had a sport-related injury as an adult and seen a doctor for treatment, you may not have had a positive experience. Doctors do not always view sport as worth the risk, but the team members at ICT are different, as Manny is also involved with the Propel Soccer Academy, helping kids to develop their soccer skills, drawing from his own years as an athlete with a background in sports performance enhancement, making us a trusted source for physician referral. An integrated approach can go a long way to helping athletes with injuries reach maximum recovery.

If you are a concerned parent with an injured child, you can be absolutely sure of the quality of care your child is getting by having them do their treatment plan with Impact Care Therapy. 

ICT staff hold sports high in their list of priorities, as they believe they impact more than just the body. 

Physio Treatment for Everybody

Physical therapy programs benefit anyone with an injury/impairment to their musculoskeletal system, from pediatric to elderly patients. 

If you have experienced a movement-limiting orthopedic injury before, you have also experienced the lonely frustration of not being able to do the things you love:

• playing with grandchildren,

• walking through the park, and

• gardening,

Even the ability to perform basic tasks, like walking up stairs and doing household chores can become an obstacle.

Physiotherapy Clinic in Houston, TX

When you have to alter your daily activities due to an injury, you can often feel terrible. The physical therapy experience provided at Impact Care Therapy aims to get you back to your daily activities as quickly as possible through our treatment programs based on exercise physiology and therapeutic exercise.

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More Reading about Our Physical Therapy Services in Houston

It takes a smart cookie to be in the physical therapy profession, and Manny is definitely that. In addition to the standard physical therapy curriculum, Manny has also been through a demanding residency program that provided him the clinical education to treat neurological disorders, and is a Certified Clinical Instructor by the Texas Consortium.

Manny believes that with exception care and care with treatment tailored to a client’s age, injury, and medical history, the proper rehabilitation care can be a journey that guides patients along the proper treatment progression.

For everything from cancer rehabilitation to neurological conditions, Impact Care Therapy uses patient comprehension, goal setting with effective techniques , and evidence-based treatments to help patients achieve a healthy lifestyle.

At Impact Care Therapy, we believe that if you move better, you live better. In order to get you to that point, this physical therapy practice employs techniques that comply with best practice, whether you are suffering from chronic pain or acute. What’s the difference?

What is chronic pain, and how can physical therapy treatment help? Chronic pain is pain that has been present for roughly 3 months or more. Chronic pain is often accumulative as opposed to acute pain, which is often diminutive if healed. Chronic pain can often occur with little to no tissue damage, and can be an issue of behavioral sciences. Which is yours? Having an expert clinician can help you figure it out.

Physical therapy can be the best option for treating chronic pain, as they employ a number of effective manual techniques, treatments, and exercises to improve mobility and strengthen the musculature surrounding the offending structure. Other modalities for chronic pain include ultrasound, TENS, massage, heat and ice. These other modalities may or may not be effective in treating chronic pain. An estimated fifty million people in the U.S. suffer from some form of chronic pain, causing their daily life to be a struggle. You don’t have to struggle alone or forever.

Did your injury happen suddenly, like a broken bone or ligament strain? Then your pain likely falls into the category of acute pain. Acute pain is what you experience when you step on a lego in the middle of the night barefoot. Or more seriously, what you experience if you have ever rolled an ankle or had a shoulder injury like a labrum tear.

You are very clear of what caused the pain, and that when it occurs will likely be the most intense pain experienced, unless it leads to a chronic pain… which it will if mismanaged. There exists a transition period between acute pain and chronic called the subacute stage, during which further aggravation of the structure will cause further pain. Having a knowledgeable physical therapist can keep your acute pain from ever getting to the chronic stage. Acute pain is common, and is often treated at Impact Care Therapy.

Are you scouring through internet articles and forums trying to treat the pain you have been experiencing? You made it here, so you are at least considering getting some help. If you are on the fence about which way to go, consider that Impact Care Therapy’s physical therapists are some of the best, and self-diagnosis/treatment often has poor outcomes.

When you get seen by Dr. Manny, Dr. Denise, or any others of the team members here at Impact Care Therapy, you can trust the process developed with years of experience, extensive clinical education and compassionate care.

Trying to fix your own pain may be very frustrating. The problem is that we are held prisoner by our own biases. We think something is the sure cause of the pain we are experiencing, and will not consider other possibilities. This will often lead to inappropriate measures, such as avoiding certain movements in order to “rest” the structures, which will likely lead to more pain and catastrophizing —thinking that the injury is worse than it is—which repeats the cycle. While there is certainly a biomechanical element to pain, it can often start and end in the brain. Having someone knowledgeable can help you navigate around negative consequences.

About our Location in Missouri City

Our physical therapy facility is found at a convenient location. Our address is:

3841 Cartwright Rd, Missouri City, TX 77459, USA

Our clinic is just 5 minutes from the Stafford High School and 10 minutes from Sugar Land Town Square via Highway 6, which is right where Highway 6 and the I-69  intersect.

Towards the other direction, heading south on highway 6, our clinic is just 20 minutes from the Houston Southwest Airport.

We’ve been proud to serve the residents of Sienna, Sugar Land, Missouri City, and Houston and establish a reputation from our content on Youtube as well as through our in-person and telehealth services.

If you’re looking for expert physiotherapists in Missouri City for treatment in a compassionate environment, reach out to us by calling +1-346-341-7300 to check appointment times or use our online form to schedule an appointment!

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